New Website Launched for Prolific Painting

Another website launched for local client, Prolific Painting, interior and exterior painters for Sussex and Kent Counties in Delaware.


This new website uses a fully responsive WordPress theme with some customizations. It displays great on cell phones, tablets, and all sizes of computer screens. We focused also on SEO, anticipating rising placement in search engines for Delaware painters.

Visit the website:

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lewes fishing

Simple WordPress Site for Charter Fishing Company in Lewes

Red Sky Websites believes in the ideal of fitting the website project to the client. So, when we learned that Fortney’s Outdoors had a need for a quick one page website, we were happy to oblige and delivered and launched the website in less than a week, in anticipation of the fast approaching summer fishing season in the Delaware beach area.

lewes fishing

The new website, created on the WordPress platform for easy yet powerful content management, is located at: We designed the site to be fully responsive, meaning it responds to its environment–it’s a great looking and usable website on computers, on smart phones, and on tablets.

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rehoboth real estate

Custom Real Estate Search for Rehoboth Beach

Red Sky recently launched a new custom website for Russell Stucki, Realtor with RE/Max in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.

rehoboth real estate
The website includes all residential, commercial, lots and land, and farm properties for sale downloaded every thirty minutes from the Sussex County Association of Realtors.

Also included are custom Google Maps on both search pages and on property detail pages.

Visit the website at :

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Bethany Beach Real Estate Search

We’re pleased to announce a website, recently launched, The website includes all residential as well as lots and land for Sussex County, Delaware, including custom search logic.



Bethany Beach Sponsors

More than a real estate website, includes a sponsorship portion allowing advertising by local Sussex County Businesses. aims to be a comprehensive portal website, offering visitors, residents, and prospective new residents information about the Bethany Beach area and its offerings.



Find your Bethany Beach Dream Home

With many search criteria, we make your home search as easily as possible.


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Get Out App – New Version launched

photoThe new version, for both iOS and Android devices, incorporates two major features.

Multiple Markets

We’ve launched the app to two new markets, Central and Northern Delaware. Other markets are in the works and will be made available in the coming months:

  • Ocean City, Maryland
  • Northern Virginia
  • Southern and Coastal New Jersey
  • Philadelphia
  • Baltimore

The app automatically selects the closest market, based on the respective device’s current location, and makes all the other markets easily available.

Automatic Screen Sizing

This feature allows the app to run well on all available devices for both Apple and Android:

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • iPad Mini
  • Android Phones
  • Android Tablets

For more information, or to download the free app, visit the Get Out Website.

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photo (1)

Rehoboth – Dewey Chamber iPhone App

photo (1)We’re pleased to announce the launch of a new app for the Rehoboth Beach-Dewey Beach Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Center.

The app includes events, area activities, and a directory of all chamber members by category.

It’s a free download available on Apple’s App Store.

Beach Fun | Rehoboth Beach-Dewey Beach Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Center - Red Sky Websites

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Social Engagement

With the proliferation, propagation, and pervasiveness of social networking sites like Twitter,  Facebook, and LinkedIn, along with hundreds of other smaller sites vying for a piece of the virtual pie, businesses and other organizations find an increasing need to stake their claim in cyberspace.

Technically, it’s all easy enough. Create an account, confirm your email address, fill in information, and upload a photo or image, and you’ve got a presence.

But then what?

A quote that’s stuck with me since the infancy of the web is “a website without promotion is like a billboard in a basement.” It’s never enough to merely create a presence; after you create your presence you need to give people a map. You need to tell the people who might be interested in your products or services (or ideas or art or cause or whatever) how to find you.

There are literally hundreds of tools out there which can theoretically help. Lots of them are well constructed and work as designed. But, in my opinion, most of them have very little value, especially when beginning your foray into social networking.

How valuable is a tool that, for example, can post a tweet to Twitter and a post to Facebook every hour on the hour? Even if the tool works perfectly, never missing an hour, is this really what your Facebook friends and fans and Twitter followers want to see from you? An advertisement or a “great” and “inspirational” quote every hour?

We’ve already got far too much of this clogging up our feeds on social networking sites. Think of your own experience. How excited are you to see hourly irrelevant posts from people to whom you’re connected?

To create value is the aim. And value requires your posts and tweets to be unique. To be relevant. And to be tasteful. An occasional ad is perfectly fine if your Twitter account represents your business. But too many ads and your feed becomes noise. And people will, at best, tune you out, and at worst, disconnect from you or block your account.

The other big reason automation isn’t effective is that it’s not authentic. And people can sense and feel authentic and real. If you’re offering something unique, valuable, and tasteful, people will enjoy reading your tweets and posts, and will even sometimes share (or retweet) them with their friends, fans, and followers.

To be successful in social networking requires much the same as is required “in real life.” In short, hard work. To build a network of people that care enough to give you their time and attention (and money) requires focus, time, authenticity, integrity, and plain old hard work.

The same traits that have made you successful in business or any other endeavors are those you need to bring to social networking. Engage your followers and they’ll care about what you have to offer, some of them, enough to pay for it.

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Precision Paintball

Paintball in Delaware!

With their grand opening scheduled for the weekend of September 1st and 2nd, 2012, Precision Paintball of Georgetown, Delaware, is Sussex County’s only field and the premiere field on the Delmarva Peninsula. Red Sky is pleased to have produced their website, on a foundation of WordPress, including an event calendar, Google map based driving directions, lots of search engine optimization, and a photo gallery. Visit their site today, or better yet, come play paintball!

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Website Management

So, you’ve got a website. Now what?

Like anything else in life, we get out of our websites what we put into them. When the Internet was young, websites were relatively static and simple. Glorified yellow page ads. A billboard in cyberspace. But this is no longer the norm.

Most new sites nowadays are developed using some sort of content management system. Could be Drupal, Joomla, Concrete, WordPress, or one of many others. We at Red Sky love WordPress for most sites. It’s got lots of built in capabilities, great SEO, an abundance of free plugins, and a decent (though simple) security system. So, unless you need lots of users with lots of different levels of security, or unless you need something really custom and special or ecommerce, WordPress is often more than capable. And it’s relatively simple, which means it takes less time to build a site with WordPress, which means it costs less money. If you need more power or features than WordPress offers, we’re well versed in Drupal, Joomla, and Concrete. And if you need even more power, we’ve developed a custom in-house CMS framework, dubbed Red Sky CMS.

But, I think I strayed from the point. The point is that regardless of the platform, websites need to consistently managed. 

Some companies and organizations are doing a pretty good job at this. They’ve got staff dedicated to the regular tasks of adding and updating content, monitoring search engine placement, managing ad campaigns, etc. But most companies aren’t doing a good job at this yet. In most cases, it’s not because they don’t want to, it’s more that they’re simply not equipped. And this is where we at Red Sky excel.

We love managing websites. We love doing SEO and watching the search engine placement rise. But mostly we love it when websites are effective, effective in terms of attracting and engaging clients and potential clients and effective in terms of returning money. Let’s face it. That’s a primary reason any business is in business. To make money. To earn a return on investment, both capital investments and human investments. 

Does your company earn a reasonable return on your website investment? If not, give us call. Perhaps we can help.

Thanks for reading,

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QR Code for

QR Codes…

Sometimes it’s fun to experiment and play. So today I played with QR Codes. 

I wasn’t entirely sure even what they were, so off to Google I went. Wikipedia had a nice article that explained. 

In essence, it’s just a new technology for visually encoding text. Much like barcodes.

Someone figured out not too long ago that website addresses could be encoded. And then these funny little images can be placed on advertising. And anyone with a smartphone and a QR Reader app can scan the QR Code image and be magically transported to the address hidden in the patterns of the image. 

Fun stuff.

So, having learned what they are I looked for some software to create some myself. I didn’t find any Windows software (though I’m sure some exist) but found a PHP library on SourceForge

It felt like a good day to play so I built a QR Code creator page. Maybe someone will find it useful. Or maybe someone will just play around with it like I’ve been doing. :)

Drop me a quick line if you find it useful. I’d love to hear from you.


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